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We help Senior Executives, Board Members and Investors recruit world class teams using a patented selection process that predicts top performers

The biggest challenges that executives face revolve around what these three things have in common
  2. Fighter Jet
  3. Oval Office

NASCAR, Figher Jet, Oval OFfice

What they have in common is that it’s easy to find anyone that is willing to fill those seats. The challenge is if you get the wrong person in the wrong seat, it can be catastrophic to your company!

As a matter of fact Gallup’s latest survey on employee engagement touches on one of the impacts of the wrong person in the wrong seat with 70% of the US workforce either actively disengaged or disengaged; it’s costing businesses billions of dollars in lost productivity.


  • Imagine knowing in advance if a candidate is a strong fit experimentally and culturally before you (or your team) invest hours, days, and weeks interviewing only to find out they don’t meet the standard.
  • Imagine only talking with the top three candidates from a massive network of relevant talent.
  • Imagine if you could have peace of mind making an offer to the best fit talent in the market for your company, role, and culture.

You can, by using the ExecuLinks Talent Predictor Program built on patented technology.


We start by creating a Job Benchmark specific to your opening. Our process removes common biases that result in mis-hires, and creates unity and agreement on the bottom line results in the role that have to be achieved for superior performance. We help you define 55 qualities of superior performance for your specific role, and measure the candidates scientifically before you spend any time wasted on interviewing.

After assessing your company, culture, and role, we search our massive network of executives, and compare their assessment with your Job Benchmark. Once the Gap Analysis is completed, we present you with the top matching candidates.

So not only do we find candidates with the right KSEs (knowledge, skills, and experience), but also the best fit to your 55 attributes for superior performance. Remember people are typically hired for what they know, but let go for who they are. We tell you who they are too.

By combing the science of psychometrics with 29 years of experience and the art of recruiting, we can measure and predict the top performers for your company, role, and culture.


We help executives get the fit right with unprecedented accuracy using a patented process. Over the last 29 years we have a experienced a 99.97% success rate for our clients.

This is exactly how companies like Ingram Micro, Openspan, Bomgar, SAP, Accenture, Simeo Solutions, Listen360, and Oracle/Logfire have reduced turnover, built winning teams, and significantly exceeded investor objectives by accurately getting the right talent in the right seat the first time.

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